Exclusive Cover Reveal: Stake Sauce, Arc 2: Everybody’s Missing (Somebody) by RoAnna Sylver

LGBTQ Reads Just in time for spooky season, we’re thrilled to be revealing the cover of RoAnna Sylver’s newest release, the second arc of horror-paranormal romance mashup Stake Sauce, which is coming from Kraken Collective Books on Halloween! Rep within includes: Polyamorous M/M, queerplatonic F/F, gray-ace and aro-spec MC, gay and bisexual dudes, lesbian and… Continue reading Exclusive Cover Reveal: Stake Sauce, Arc 2: Everybody’s Missing (Somebody) by RoAnna Sylver

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The F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge!

So this is something cool! The awesome Jae has put together a challenge for all of 2020 featuring f/f books (of which mine is one!), that will form clues for a neat crossword puzzle! Sounds like an awesome way to have fun while enjoying some wonderful WLW fiction! A tiny bit about it (from the… Continue reading The F/F Fiction Crossword Challenge!

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Hey everyone! Today I’m happy to be part of the release blitz for Nem Rowan’s new book, THE THINGS WE HIDE AT HOME! IT looks like a fun, suspenseful thriller (which I love) starring a trans guy with kink-positive BDSM (which I also love!)  Below we’ve got all the relevant info, including an excerpt and… Continue reading THE THINGS WE HIDE AT HOME release blitz!

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2019 Eligibility Post; DAWNFALL by RoAnna Sylver

Hello! This is a post for my 2019 work, which to the best of my knowledge, qualifies for a Nebula Award for Game Writing, a Hugo Award for Best Game or Interactive Experience, and possibly other awards (including the Astounding Award for Best New Writer, formerly Campbell). This year I actually only have one – but it’s a big one. (And a really cool thing for my first real eligible year, I think!)


Character Interview with Oz || We all needed to know more about him.

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Wahey there! I’m extremely excited to have this post here because it is absolutely cool! Dawnfall is the game I’m talking about and if you don’t know what that all is – here’s a twitter thread by the author, RoAnna Sylver, where you can find out…

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BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Lunar Shadows by Nem Rowan!

Hi, everyone! So today I’m part of a blog tour for a super cool-looking couple of books, WITCHESKIN and ROUGH SLEEPERS by Nem Rowan! They’re two standalone volumes in the LUNAR SHADOWS series, they sound completely up my alley and hopefully yours, and I legitimately want to read both. (Also those covers are gorgeous?? Wow.)… Continue reading BOOK SPOTLIGHT: Lunar Shadows by Nem Rowan!


Here’s the Punchline: A Queer Fan’s Hopes for the Jay and Silent Bob Reboot

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You know what would be Kevin Smith’s biggest power move yet? He’s made a lot in his life and career. Like, a lot. But the biggest wouldn’t be going from a no-budget, no-big-name, no-studio-support indie movie to a huge, multimillion dollar franchise studded with more stars than a smog-free night…