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Introducing Beta Reading, Line Editing, and Sensitivity Reading Services!

Yep, I pretty much live/breathe/obsess over writing constantly, and editing is something I know I’m good at/do in my sleep. So I figure I might as well open that skill-set up to anyone who needs it, and support my own writing/art/disabled-creator existence while I’m at it. (I’m serious about that ‘editing in my sleep’ thing. I’ve called out my own brain for dream-typos.)


Services I’m Now Offering:

BETA READING: I’ll read through your book, story, poem, or anything else, and tell you my reader-thoughts, reactions, feelings, and questions. A good option if you generally want to know how your work comes across, and how it could be tighter/clearer/more intense from a storyline/character standpoint. Does not include proofreading or line-edits, though I will let you know if I see any glaringly problematic content. (For me to address in detail, please see the Sensitivity Reading packages!)

PROOFREADING/LINE EDITS: I’ll take a detailed look through your writing and make it clean and shiny. I’ll check for grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and flow. By ‘flow’ I mean… does it sound nice? Does one idea go logically and easily into the next? Are there POV breaks/passive-voice slips/general weirdness? (I’m guilty of all of the above, so now I go after these buggers with a bloodthirsty vengeance that demands satisfaction. I mean…I’ll catch all the things.) Does not include sensitivity reading/commentary on problematic aspects; I’m only looking at craft/flow/cleanup here.

SENSITIVITY READING: I’ll read your portrayals of marginalized characters (see below for my areas of expertise!), and make sure you’re writing them in a clear, accurate, respectful, and non-harmful way. I’ll give story feedback as a marginalized reader, provide you with specific suggestions for improvement, and generally try to make your marginalized characters and story shine to the best of my ability. Seriously, if you’re writing outside your lane, I strongly suggest you have at least a sensitivity/targeted beta-reader, even if it’s not me. This is an important one. (Does not include proofreading/line edits.)

My FAVORITE things to read are LGBT-focused sci-fi and fantasy, but I will read anything, any genre!

NSFW/erotica is fine, just please, tell me ahead of time! (Thank you very much for respecting that.)


BETA READING: I’m the author of the successful indie SFF series Chameleon Moon, as well as vampire serials Stake Sauce and Death Masquerade, and one of the founding members of The Kraken Collective, an indie publishing group for positive, high-quality LGBTQIA speculative fiction. Highly connected, highly emotionally-engaging, inclusive/progressive and immersive stories are my brand, jam, design, and life. I also read constantly and have an extremely keen eye/sense for good character moments, tension, stakes, and emotional payoff. If you want to increase your creation’s Feels Factor (yes, I said ‘feels’), talk to me. 

PROOFREADING/LINE EDITS: Aside from the Kraken Collective, I’ve worked with several published authors and their short story, novelette, novella, and novel-length works. (Contact me if you want specifics!) Also, I edit constantly as I read. Always. Doesn’t even matter what it is; it’s an automatic reflex by now, and weirdly calming. I can’t turn the editor-brain off, so I might as well turn the impulse into something productive and helpful for you!

SENSITIVITY READING: After writing my diverse/inclusive series, reading as many others as I can, and a lifetime of existence as a marginalized person on several axes – as well as studying psychology, social justice, and disability concerns in an academic setting – I have a pretty darn good grasp on potentially-damaging pitfalls. I’ve seen a lot. Like, a lot, a lot. Most completely and easily avoidable.

But I have even better experience with the opposite: when a book makes you as a marginalized person feel not only tolerated/technically included, but celebrated, welcome, and loved. I need that feeling; I thrive on it, and if you’re reading this, you probably do too, and you want to give that feeling to your readers. I’m not promising global expertise or that I’ll catch everything, but I’ll do my absolute best, for you and for me: I want more accurate, respectful, flat-out awesome portrayals of marginalized people in fiction. It’s so, so important.

AREAS OF EXPERTISE (More to be added as I think of them! There are a Lot):

  • LGBTQIA Characters/Biromantic
  • Polyamory
  • Asexual spectrum/demisexuality
  • Aromantic spectrum
  • AFAB transgender/nonbinary/bigender/genderfluidity
  • Neurodivergence: Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, acute anxiety, autism spectrum, synesthesia (sound-to-sight), dissociation, amnesia (yes, seriously)
  • Abuse survivor (parental, partner; physical, emotional, mental)
  • Disability and Chronic illness. From personal experience: Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, Mast Cell Activation Disorder, Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Renaud’s Syndrome, Townes-Brock Syndrome, Arnold Chiari Malformation
  • Christian upbringing and life as a queer/trans/disabled/asexual/polyamorous teen. (And agnostic/Pagan life after. Yep.)

I do not have the expertise for sensitivity-reads for characters of color, DMAB/trans-feminine life, non-American cultures, or religions aside from the above listed, so please don’t ask me about these. Please ask someone with these actual identities/experiences for those questions/reads.

Rates – Editorial Freelancers Association


Actually, everyone check that out if you’d like; it’s got my work areas and resume attached. But I don’t expect indies/non-EFA clients to pay the same rates!

I adhere mostly to the posted EFA rates guidelines, but am ultimately negotiable. The same discounts for marginalized-writer/ownvoice works as listed below apply here!

Anyone Outside the EFA:


Regular Beta Read (I’ll write you a letter with my general impressions, thoughts and suggestions):

  • 1,000 Words and Under: $10 flat
  • Over 1,000 Words: $10 + .003 cents/word

ADD HIGHLIGHTS for $10 (I’ll highlight my favorite parts in Kindle and send them to you! If you follow me on Goodreads, you know what this is like. Lots of Reactions! Color-coded, even. Yellow is Interesting/I Like This; blue is Wow, Sad; red is Righteous Fury~)

Deep Beta Read (with tracked highlights/thoughts/suggestions in a word/pages doc)

  • 1,000 Words and Under: $20 flat
  • Over 1,000 Words: $20 + .004 cents/word


PROOFREADING/LINE EDITS: (With tracked changes/highlights)

  • 1,000 Words and Under: $20 flat
  • Over 1,000 Words: $20 + .005 cents/word



  • ONE area of expertise:
    1,000 Words and Under: $20
    Over 1,000 Words: $20 + .005 cents/word
  • TWO areas of expertise:
    1,000 Words and Under: $30
    Over 1,000 Words: $30 + .006 cents/word
  • THREE OR MORE areas of expertise:
    1,000 Words and Under: $50
    Over 1,000 Words: $50 + .007 cents/word


All rates are ultimately negotiable! Especially:

…if you’re an indie or self-published writer, in which case you automatically qualify for a 20% discount!

…and if you’re a marginalized writer or doing an ownvoice story (a work in which you share the marginalizations/identities/experiences of your characters), we can talk further discounts. Seriously, I want to help other indies/ownvoice writers as much as I can. Your/our work is super important, and we deserve support and love.

General Stuff:

If you’re interested, please drop me an email at RoAnnaSylver At Gmail, and/or shoot me a DM on Twitter, @RoAnnaSylver!

I will give you a price quote before we commit. All jobs require 50% payment up front, and 50% upon completion.

I strongly prefer PAYPAL, but if you can’t do this, we can talk.

Works over 100k words will be accepted on a case-by-case basis/negotiation.

Seriously, please tell me if it’s NSFW/erotica. This is fine, I just like to know ahead of time!

I reserve the right to close monthly slots/suspend these services. (I’m disabled; gotta preserve the spoons.)



2 thoughts on “Introducing Beta Reading, Line Editing, and Sensitivity Reading Services!

  1. Hello, are you still taking beta reader submissions? I have a 1031 word story I’m looking to submit for an anthology on Nov 14 and would like to purchase a sensitivity beta read.


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