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Everything You Need To Know About The Eldritch Horror Lurking In Your Closet. Now. Right Now.

You asked your burning questions in the faintest of night-whispers, and we’ve summoned the answers from the depths of the beyond. Here’s all the fun factoids on your favorite , straight to your brain-box from the finest seers, oracles, sooth-sayers, and totally tuned-in ghost-vibes.

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If I Have Not Screamed Today About The Wonders Of Patreon, I Have Not Been Doing My Job Right: A Semi-Definitive Guide by Sylver

Okay, times are scary as hell. So I’ve been thinking hard about what I could possibly offer everyone in this trying time – and at first I didn’t know, because I’m an artist/writer/chronically ill nerd, and often, that feels like sitting around doing Nothing Practical While The World Burns. But then, ah-dunk! I actually do… Continue reading If I Have Not Screamed Today About The Wonders Of Patreon, I Have Not Been Doing My Job Right: A Semi-Definitive Guide by Sylver

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Write What You Know, Write Your #OwnVoice

Excerpt: Even when [marginalized people are] writing our own stories. We get hit with the “unrealistic” criticism. Because marginalized people existing and doing heroic things is just hard to believe, even if it’s just one, but especially if it’s two or more. That’s just outside the realm of possibility. And if you’re a marginalized author writing any of the above… well, you should really just rein it in, tone it down, and write something a little more… believable.

You know, like dragons or starships with Warp Drive.

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Featured Article – Touching The Sky: The True Story Of Eddie The Eagle

Entertainment website recently sent me to an advance screening of biopic “Eddie the Eagle,” on the true story of British Olympic ski-jumper Michael “Eddie” Edwards, and I wrote this piece focusing on the real guy behind the upcoming film. It was honestly one of my highlights of the new year, because the movie (which I recommend even as someone who has never seen an athletics-themed movie basically ever) is essentially an explosion of earnest optimism and unpretentious happy, which in a sea of grimdark ‘gritty’ reboots is… just. Kind of a ray of hope. And something I personally needed.


Featured Moviepilot Article: Why Disney’s ‘Gargoyles’ Is The Literal Best, And Deserves To Live Again

I regularly contribute featured articles at entertainment news site, and this is one I’m most proud of. It’s my best shot at laying out why the underappreciated gem of a cult classic Disney series Gargoyles deserves a new lease on life, this time in movie form.


Excerpt:Gargoyles movie isn’t a bad idea. In fact, it’s a really good idea. Because Gargoyles was an amazing show then, and would be great now – especially with ’90s nostalgia in full swing, and several other animated Disney series from the same era getting the full reboot treatment. Wouldn’t even have to be live-action, though that would definitely be amazing. The show had a phenomenal voice cast and art style, and a super high-end animated reboot would rock.

And most significantly, it had some very important stories to tell.

The beauty of animation is voices are pretty much forever, and everyone’s still alive and kicking. And as you’ll see at the end of this article – willing. If the dream movie was animated, and we went for a full cast reunion… Well. Dare to dream.

So really… why not?

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Writing While Depressed, Anxious And Sick? You’re A Freakin’ Superhero!

I write books — let’s just get that out there first.

I’m also sick . Like, all the time, sick, disabled and what’s called “chronically ill.” And dealing with even more fun stuff like depression and PTSD. But I still write books, and articles — which actually ARE fun — and sometimes people write to me about them. A lot, actually. I got a message a while back asking about what it’s like writing while chronically ill.

A lot of people have asked me if I’m scared.

…Well, I’m like the Hulk. That’s my secret. I’m always scared.


Sometimes Everything Isn’t Going To Be Okay. And That’s Okay.

Hi. I’m Sylver, and sometimes I don’t think everything is going to be okay.

Now for me, that was a big thing to admit. And at first, I wasn’t going to.

But this is a very important thing to say — in the form of a strange, hopefully-sensical article about masks, anxiety/depression/illness, the movie Inside Out, and what happens when you don’t acknowledge when you’re hurting.