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Everyone’s Dressed Like You (Article for The Asexual About Bojack Horseman)

I wrote a thing for The Asexual about Bojack Horseman, Todd Chavez, and how it feels to watch a TV show where you’re not a joke (even if it’s funny as hell).

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Cover Reveal: One World, Book 3 of the Iamos Trilogy!

Got something awesome today – I’m helping reveal the cover to One World, the conclusion of Lyssa Chiavari’s awesome (and gorgeously-covered) Iamos Trilogy! (Aaahhh, isn’t that gorgeous?? I can’t wait for 2019!) The Vital Info: Title: One World (Book Three of the Iamos Trilogy) Author: Lyssa Chiavari Cover designer: Najla Qamber Designs with custom photography by Mosaic… Continue reading Cover Reveal: One World, Book 3 of the Iamos Trilogy!

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#KrakenFriends2018 Author Feature: C. M. Spivey and The Traitor’s Tunnel!

As part of The Kraken Collective’s 1-year anniversary event, today I’m featuring C. M. Spivey, author of From Under The Mountain and its prequel story, The Traitor’s Tunnel! We’ve got an excerpt from Traitor’s Tunnel below, followed by some handy links where you can pick it up for 99 cents! I really enjoyed this one, and hope you will too!

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#KrakenFriends2018! Huge book sale!

So my publisher is having a huge sale, 19 LGBTQIA books for 99 cents! Including mine, Stake Sauce (queer vampires and humans being awesome)! Check it out for a ton of awesome sci-fi and fantasy (including several of my favorites, seriously). There’s also a fun personality quiz you can take to see which main character you are, with 19… Continue reading #KrakenFriends2018! Huge book sale!


New F/F short story! Moon-Bright Tides, witch/mermaid goodness!

So I Wrote A Short Story About A Witch And A Mermaid Falling In Love And Being Cute Sad Nerds, And It’s On Amazon Now And You Should Read It! It’s called Moon-Bright Tides, and you can read it on Kindle (or any other device with the app), and get it on a lot of other retailers soon!… Continue reading New F/F short story! Moon-Bright Tides, witch/mermaid goodness!