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Guest Post: Women In Queer SFF, and a Mass Effect Poem, PARAGON.

This was super fun to do – and an important poem to write about how much I love/want to be like Jane Shepard. That’s how you know the nerd-love is real. Poetry.  ❤

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COVER REVEAL – Major Arcana: Death Masquerade

“Letizia Made Me Gay” – At Least 4 Readers So far “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” – @agayworthfightingfor “A Murder Mystery Wrapped Up In Gay. With Witches and Vampires and Lots Of Cool Shit.” – Me If you saw my announcement for STAKE SAUCE, my new serial about gay punk vampires in Portland, you’ll be glad to know… I’m… Continue reading COVER REVEAL – Major Arcana: Death Masquerade