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Koru Mag’s Issue 2 Is Here! (I have 2 poems in it!)

This special issue, focusing on fandom/fan art/fiction/poetry, is absolutely incredible, and full of amazing articles, stories and poetry! I highly, really recommend checking it out, and don’t think you’ll be disappointed

Mine are “One Thousand Years” and “Changelings,” about Disney’s GARGOYLES and the ANIMORPHS book series, respectively. It felt so good to write about them, and having published fan-poetry is kind of a dream come true. I also wrote blog posts explaining the poems, and those should go up on the magazine’s site soon!

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COVER REVEAL – Death Masquerade: Major Arcana

“Letizia Made Me Gay” – At Least 4 Readers So far “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” – @agayworthfightingfor “A Murder Mystery Wrapped Up In Gay. With Witches and Vampires and Lots Of Cool Shit.” – Me If you saw my announcement for STAKE SAUCE, my new serial about gay punk vampires in Portland, you’ll be glad to know… I’m… Continue reading COVER REVEAL – Death Masquerade: Major Arcana