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Guess what? I have a new book coming out! Life Within Parole, Volume 2 is my second collection of Chameleon Moon-Universe short stories – TEN this time, up from seven! They’re a rollercoaster, fluffy and Intense and sometimes hilarious and sometimes terrifying and always emotional and amazing. With the usual cast full of queer/trans/disabled/a-spec/polyam superheroes making found families… Continue reading LIFE WITHIN PAROLE, VOLUME 2 Announcements!

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Everyone’s Dressed Like You (Article for The Asexual About Bojack Horseman)

I wrote a thing for The Asexual about Bojack Horseman, Todd Chavez, and how it feels to watch a TV show where you’re not a joke (even if it’s funny as hell).

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#KrakenFriends2018! Huge book sale!

So my publisher is having a huge sale, 19 LGBTQIA books for 99 cents! Including mine, Stake Sauce (queer vampires and humans being awesome)! Check it out for a ton of awesome sci-fi and fantasy (including several of my favorites, seriously). There’s also a fun personality quiz you can take to see which main character you are, with 19… Continue reading #KrakenFriends2018! Huge book sale!


New F/F short story! Moon-Bright Tides, witch/mermaid goodness!

So I Wrote A Short Story About A Witch And A Mermaid Falling In Love And Being Cute Sad Nerds, And It’s On Amazon Now And You Should Read It! It’s called Moon-Bright Tides, and you can read it on Kindle (or any other device with the app), and get it on a lot of other retailers soon!… Continue reading New F/F short story! Moon-Bright Tides, witch/mermaid goodness!

Stake Sauce and Death Masquerade

STAKE SAUCE ARC 1 Ebooks Are Now For Sale!



You can add it to your Goodreads to-read list/leave a review here

And here’s a list of places you can order the ebooks! 😀

  • AMAZON/Kindle
  • APPLE/iTunes 
  • iBOOKS
  • KOBO
  • But, for real, by far the best place to buy this and support me is Gumroad. I get the most royalties, and you automatically get your choice of mobi, epub, docx, or pdf. You can also leave a tip if you just… love these dork vampires so much.

And if you want a c r a p t o n more Stake Sauce stories and bonus content, check out the Patreon over here!

Finally, in case you haven’t heard me yelling about this, here’s what the thing’s about!

ARC 1, IN WHICH: A cute punk-rock vampire and a disabled firefighter-turned-mall-cop with a dark past join forces to battle the forces of evil.

Jude used to leap out of helicopters to rescue/protect people from terrifying infernos. Now, by day, he protects the local mall from rowdy teenagers who ride their skateboards inside. By night, he protects the the parking lot, and the rest of Portland, from undead, bloodsucking creatures of the darkness. Or would if he could find them.

But he’s just about ready to give it up (living with PTSD and pain from the traumatic event that cost him a leg, a friend, and a lot more is hard enough), when something crashes into his life. And his window. It’s one of these creatures of the darkness – and he’s a lot less scary than expected. More cuddly, with dark fuzzy wings, and neon-bright hair.

His name is Pixie, and he refuses to bite anyone. Assault/murder/draining fluids isn’t punk, even if being a vampire really kind of is. He’s very hungry by now, and the much bigger, meaner, deadlier vamps kick him around on the nightly. Jude would love to find and fight some actual undead bullies. And Pixie could use some help staying… ‘alive.’ Time to make a deal.

Of course, life still sucks when you’re a vampire who refuses to suck blood. Fortunately, there’s a really interesting new barbecue restaurant in the mall, with an intriguing new recipe. (We hear that the secret ingredient is… love. No, really.)