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Koru Mag’s Issue 2 Is Here! (I have 2 poems in it!)

This special issue, focusing on fandom/fan art/fiction/poetry, is absolutely incredible, and full of amazing articles, stories and poetry! I highly, really recommend checking it out, and don’t think you’ll be disappointed

Mine are “One Thousand Years” and “Changelings,” about Disney’s GARGOYLES and the ANIMORPHS book series, respectively. It felt so good to write about them, and having published fan-poetry is kind of a dream come true. I also wrote blog posts explaining the poems, and those should go up on the magazine’s site soon!

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Everything You Need To Know About The Eldritch Horror Lurking In Your Closet. Now. Right Now.

You asked your burning questions in the faintest of night-whispers, and we’ve summoned the answers from the depths of the beyond. Here’s all the fun factoids on your favorite , straight to your brain-box from the finest seers, oracles, sooth-sayers, and totally tuned-in ghost-vibes.

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#Ownvoices Author Spotlight: RoAnna Sylver of Chameleon Moon

From awesome author/interviewer Dianna Gunn:

Today I am beyond thrilled to introduce RoAnna Sylver, author of Chameleon Moon, the first novel in a series that blends fantasy and science fiction. She’s been generous enough to share how Chameleon Moon came to be, so please give her a warm welcome! Blurb for Chameleon Moon:  The city of Parole is burning. Like Venice slips into …

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