The Chameleon Moon Series


The city of Parole is burning.

Like Venice slips into the sea, Parole crumbles into fire, its entire population quarantined and left to die, directly over the open flame. Regan, stealth expert with a lizard’s skin, will do anything to escape. The ghostly Hans offers one: it just takes a little murder. Sonic superheroine Evelyn has a mission: keep everyone alive, don’t give up, and don’t look down. If they do, they’ll all burn.

Separately they’d never survive, much less uncover the secret of Parole’s eternally-burning fire. Together, they have a chance. Unfortunately, Hans isn’t above playing dirty, lying, cheating, manipulating… and holding Regan’s memories hostage until he gets his way.

Parole’s a rough place to live. But they’re not dead yet. If they can survive the imminent cataclysmic disaster, they might just stay that way…



Parole is still burning.

And now the day everyone has been waiting for is finally here: it’s collapsed. A lucky few managed to escape with their lives. But while their city burned, the world outside suffered its own devastating disaster. The Tartarus Zone is a deadly wasteland a thousand miles wide, filled with toxic storms, ghostly horrors, and just as many Eyes in the Sky as ever. Somehow, this new nightmare is connected to Parole. And it’s spreading.

Book 2 of the Chameleon Moon series, in which LGBT/disabled/polyamorous/asexual/neurodivergent people survive a hellish nightmare – the devastated world outside Parole. Emphasis on Not Just Survive, but Live, and Basically Be Amazing. Full of hope, love, and rock n’roll. #Ownvoices, and Rebelliously Optimistic in the midst of Dystopia.


Life Within Parole: Volume 1


7 Chameleon Moon Short Stories

Living in a city whose population has been quarantined and imprisoned over an eternally burning lake of fire isn’t what most people would call a ‘normal life.’ Then there are the superhuman abilities. Thousands of people with wings, scales, telepathy, sonic blasts – ‘normal’ seems long gone. But life goes on. Eventually, everyone discovers that life within Parole is just as real, meaningful, fun, frightening, mundane, and survivable, as any other. Sometimes it’s just a little more super-natural.

Life Within Parole: Volume 2


10 Chameleon Moon Short Stories




Parole’s fire-ravaged streets are fragile, but filled with secrets and rewards if you know how to run them. Even when stealth and reconnaissance expert Regan isn’t actually invisible, nobody’s better at hiding in plain sight. Or at slipping into places nobody else can reach, hearing things he shouldn’t hear, learning things he shouldn’t know.

Tonight’s run went off without a hitch. Celebrated, infamous cyber-revolutionary  CyborJ just pulled off his greatest caper yet, delivering a cache-load of media goodies to the people of quarantined Parole. Meanwhile, his silent partner Regan carries the real treasure in his pocket: a secret. A very sensitive, very dangerous secret about the world beyond the barrier.

The hard part is over. All Regan has to do is get home alive. But a grinning ghost named Hans is about to make him an offer nobody in this fiery prison can refuse: escape. All he has to do is betray everyone he loves.

Welcome to Parole, where the fire below is always burning, and everyone is always running out of time.


Parole’s devastating collapse left overwhelming damage, and a lot of dead. As the city’s de facto leader, Evelyn Calliope does her best every day to hold everyone together, including herself. Now the sweet but sometimes-eerie Jenny Strings says she can speak to the deceased – and someone very important wants to talk to Evelyn. Unfortunately, where Jenny offers treats, Hans is up to his usual tricks. This ex-‘ghost’  has a brand-new body, and he’s having way too much fun stretching his legs to let someone take his place as the Emerald Bar’s resident poltergeist.

Some secrets are meant to be kept. Some are meant to be shared. And some should just stay buried.


A sweet one-shot for Regan/Rowan (who appears in the short story THE LIBRARY GHOST from the collection LIFE WITHIN PAROLE, and will be super important in BOOK 2); they are quite romo since this ace/ace ship of mine are kind of ridiculously mushy, but as we’ll see, attraction/sexuality/sensuality/Feels In General Are Complicated and do not always match up.


Nobody had seen the sun, moon or stars clearly in Parole for ten years. Still, even with the distortion of the barrier and the permanent smoke blocking out the sky, they knew it had to be there. No matter how the ground trembled or the fire roared, a few comforting thoughts remained: even if Parole was isolated and hidden from view, and vice-versa, the stars were still there. And the people they loved on the other side of the barrier were safe and living normal lives. Some things were eternal.

They were wrong.

Bridges story between Chameleon Moon Books 1 and 2.

TLG and HR Cover

Released in the Chameleon Moon Anthology LIFE WITHIN PAROLE, VOLUME 1, and their own 2-story eBook: Happy REGARDS and The Library Ghost

  • Happy REGARDS (14091 words)

It’s Evelyn’s birthday, and Danae and Rose are determined to make it absolutely perfect. But like the old rule goes, the harder you aim for perfection, if something can possibly go wrong, it will. And in Parole, ‘going wrong’ will involve robotic cats and dogs, disaster-prone cakes, hungry carnivorous plants, mysterious “coincidences,” and strangely morbid birthday cards with elaborate wax seals. Parole never stops being Parole, even for one day. Fortunately, the people who live there wouldn’t have it any other way.

  • The Library Ghost (12630 words)

Where the Emerald Bar is Parole’s resistance headquarters, if you need a warm bed and a safe haven, you head to the library. There’s one problem: people say it’s haunted. But like most things in Parole, the truth is both stranger and sweeter than fiction.