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June Review Round-Up!

I have NINE reviews for you this time, all of queer SFF (my brand; mostly indie too), and I loved all of them. This month we have Darkling by Brooklyn Ray, The Gift Of your Love by Kay Bashe, The Corpseriders by S. R. Jones,  Shattered Glass by Lina Langley,  Team Phison by Chace Verity, The Artist And The Devil by Shira Glassman, Curved Horizon by Taylor Brooke, Gale by Lyssa Chiavari, Love Bites by Magen Cubed, and No More Heroes by Michelle Kan! Enjoy!

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Review Round-Up! (TEN mostly indie SFF, all 4-5 stars!)

Got some really great, and very different books this time! Say hello to Sigils by B.R. Sanders, My Heart Is Ready and Just Some Things by Chace Verity, Wet Nails and Eitan’s Chord by Shira Glassman, Caroline’s Heart by Austin Chant, Open Mic Night At The End Of The World by Jessica Meyers, The Crashers… Continue reading Review Round-Up! (TEN mostly indie SFF, all 4-5 stars!)

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Introducing Beta Reading And Editing Services!

Yep, I pretty much live/breathe/obsess over writing constantly, and editing is something I know I’m good at/do in my sleep. So I figure I might as well open that skill-set up to anyone who needs it, and support my own writing/art/disabled-creator existence while I’m at it. (I’m serious about that ‘editing in my sleep’ thing.… Continue reading Introducing Beta Reading And Editing Services!